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Transforming The Knowledge Sharing Space

Now there is a way for information-seekers to by-pass all of the time-consuming, cookie-cutter books and videos out there and get personalized solutions either on the phone or face to face.

Commongenius enables you to use your time more effectively to get the answers you need by leveraging the experience and perspective of industry experts to help jump-start your career, business and personal growth goals.

Knowledge is such a powerful tool but accessing the most relevant information can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming.

ProMeets CEO, Amber Hu, believes that the most valuable knowledge is personalized to your specific needs and delivered in real-time, when it is needed most.

“Knowledge is such a powerful tool but accessing the most relevant information can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming. I created ProMeets to simplify the process of identifying and connecting to the best experts and mentors in order to help us all get ahead faster and with less clutter.”

Now knowledge-seekers can quickly source experts and discuss real-time solutions that enable them to make better decisions, avoid analysis paralysis and focus on what matters most.

Making it easy to leverage on-demand expertise and advice for both business and lifestyle growth is a real game-changer. Many of the experts on the ProMeets platform make their living driving strategies for some of the worlds most admired brands and they provide access to their expertise via ProMeets as a way of giving back to the community, often donating the proceeds.

“I felt that identifying and connecting these valuable and philanthropic individuals with others that are curious and motivated to pursue their goals was a great way to use technology to fill a gap that has seen little innovation in over 15 years.”

“Our goal is to provide a more predictable and enriching interaction between all types of knowledge-seekers and knowledge-sharers and once we were able to provide that bridge, we started seeing an explosion of adoption.”

Get access to the world's leading experts.

Make meaningful connections with a brilliant experts or mentors, up your game, and finally get the help you need.
Amber Hu

I created CommonGenius to help you cut through the noise and get quick access to expert advice personalized to your unique situation.