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Editing My Member Profile

How do I edit my member profile?

You can edit your profile by clicking on your profile picture - ‘Edit my profile’.

A great member profile consists of a high resolution headshot, your current and past roles, and your areas of interest. As the time of experts is extremely valuable, they want to know a little bit about you before accepting a meeting request. It also helps them to get a sense for who you are before you meet.

  1. After login, hover over your avatar on the navigation bar and click ‘Edit my profile’ to go to your member profile page.
  2. Click ‘Edit' to change your profile picture, name, location, current company and title here. 

You can also change your area of interests here. Remember you can have at most 3 area of interests. You can delete old ones and search for new interests, or choose from the category list below.

Write a short self-intro here. Tell the CommonGenius community more about who you are,  include things like your professional experiences, your specialities, interesting facts about yourself, etc.

Remember to click ‘Save profile’ to save any changes you made!

How can I change my phone number?

To request a change in email or phone number, please email info@commongenius.com.

Why didn't I receive my email or SMS notification?

First, double check your spam or junk folder to remove us from your spam list.

Next, check that your email and phone number are properly listed within your user profile page. If they are and you are still not receiving our notifications, mail us at info@commongenius.com for assistance.

How do I permanently delete my member account?

We’ll be sad to see you go!

If you do decide to delete your account, please email us at info@commongenius.com. It would be helpful to know why you are leaving. A community manager will be in touch shortly to verify that your account and user data have been deleted from our servers.

How do I change my CommonGenius Profile Picture?

You can edit your profile by clicking on your profile picture then ‘Edit’.

CommonGenius Support

If you are unable to find the answer you need feel free to reach our support team. Happy Learning!