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Expert Questions

Expert Community Code

1. Be Open

Be upfront and communicative with a new client about your style, how you work, and how you give feedback. People from different cultures than yours might be used to a different way to give or get feedback, and explaining to them that you are a direct person, or that you have a more gentle way of working, will help the member to get as much from you as possible. For more on how to effectively work across cultural differences, check out the book The Culture Map, or watch our expert Lamya Alaoui’s fascinating CommonGenius webinar on Cross Cultural teamwork.

2. Integrity

Experts are not permitted to take CommonGenius members offline, or to conduct payments or sessions outside of the CommonGenius platform. We monitor this type of behavior closely and if we discover that you took a member off of the platform, you will be permanently removed from our expert community.

Accurately and truthfully representing yourself and your accomplishments, authorships, work experience, and more on your expert profile is also expected.

3. Communication

It is important that experts are responsive to members and respond to member inquiries within 24 hours, and at an absolute maximum, 72 hours.  It is absolutely critical that any cancellations or adjustments are made well in advance.

Explain to clients your fees upfront and how many sessions you think the client will need to make progress. Avoid setting unrealistic expectations.

4. Sensitivity

People come from all different cultures, backgrounds, and life experiences. Be sensitive that someone might not be able to as easily take the career trajectory that you have taken due to discrimination based upon their sex, race, or sexual orientation. Do your research on someone’s country of origin, and/ or the barriers they could have faced or be facing based upon their identity or place of birth. Ask lots of questions, keep an open mind, and embrace circuitous routes.

5. Participation

Being a CommonGenius expert isn’t just about making money- it’s about joining a unique and unparalleled community of wisdom and knowledge. We want you to get to know your fellow experts, ask for and share resources, advice, and articles. You will get as much from the community as you give, and vice versa. We want you to collaborate with each other, across specialties, industries, and state lines. Please join our exclusive CommonGenius Experts Facebook Group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/245221099702003.

Participating also means responding in a timely manner to requests for information from the CommonGenius staff and answering surveys, as these are critical to creating the best experience for you. The community is designed to be inspiring, innovative, and connective.  Join us.

Who is accepted to be an expert?

CommonGenius experts are leaders within their specialties or disciplines who typically have at least 10+ years of experience. We also accept experienced career coaches and mentors.

How do I apply to be a CommonGenius Expert

To submit an application, start  here.

  1. Please provide us with your name and email address, or sign in with LinkedIn. Please note, that if you sign in with Linkedin, you must a) allow popups for the authorization window to pop up and b) after you click “allow access,” you must go back to the CommonGenius page and click “Sign Into Linkedin” again.

 Signing into Linkedin will facilitate the transfer of your photo and certain information into your profile in order to avoid having to fill out everything. Unfortunately though, due to Linkedin’s API regulations, this transfer will only import some of your information, such as your photo and work history, but not everything.

  1. Please provide us with your phone number, the languages you speak, and your city of residence. Phone numbers are utilized to provide text reminders for upcoming meetings and booking requests. Providing your location is necessary for accurate scheduling between time zones. Before clicking continue, double check your phone number for accuracy.

If you already have a CommonGenius account, please enter your email address and password here, and add your phone number, if not already in your account.

You will be sent an email confirmation asking you to verify your email. Your application will be pending until you confirm your email.

  1. Provide us with your current company and title.
  2. Let us know your areas of expertise. Try to be as specific and descriptive as possible. Adding more category tags to your profile increases the chance you will appear in search results and recommended experts.

Simply input keywords on the search bar and our predictive search will recommend the most relevant categories for you to choose from. Any category you pick will appear on the left sidebar. You can also delete any category tags on the left sidebar. If your area of expertise isn’t listed, don’t worry! You can create custom tags for those categories by clicking “create custom tag.” If there are tags that you think we should add to our search results, email us at info@commongenius.com

  1. Provide us with your per minute rate for your meeting on CommonGenius. Note that all meetings take place virtually via our video platform, so you should price yourself lower than you would for in person meetings. In addition, our biggest consumer base is young professionals between 25-36, and their budgets are lower than big corporations. Normally we recommend starting at a lower rate, and then raising your rate as you start to get meeting requests and build reviews on your profile.  Most experts on the platform charge from $2-$5 /minute. New clients will get the first 15 minutes of a meeting free. After their first meeting, they must book at least 30 minutes with you.


This schedule doesn’t have to be 100% accurate, but providing your availability will help members to request times that you are likely to be available and minimize the back and forth time between you and members.

  1. On the last page of the sign up process, the only required fields are your bio and your education. These must be completed in order for a community consultant to review your profile.

However, we do recommend you fill out as much of your profile as possible to increase your chances of being accepted as a CommonGenius expert. To view a sample profile, click here.

Once you submit your application, a community consultant will review your submission and notify you of your status within approximately 3 business days. Please note, you must confirm your email address in order to be evaluated. You may also receive a follow-up communication from the consultant if more information is required to assess your application.

If you are admitted as an expert, you will be able to receive meeting requests from members, and gain access to a plethora of expert perks and benefits.

If you are not selected as a Common Genius expert, we will also notify you. And don’t be dissuaded! Expertise takes years to accrue. You can reach out to info@CommonGenius.com if you have any questions about the application process.

How do I accept a meeting?

We will notify you via text and email that a member has requested a meeting with you. These requests can be found on your expert dashboard under ‘My Appointment’ - ‘New Request’. You will have 72 hours to accept all meeting requests. New requests pending for more than 72 hours will cancel automatically and can then be found under ‘My Appointment’ – ‘Incomplete’.

If you would like to accept the meeting request, go to ‘New Request’ tab - click ‘Respond’ or ‘View Details’ - select the meeting time you prefer and - click ‘Accept Meeting’. The meeting time will be confirmed with both parties.

You can propose other times.

If none of the times proposed by the member work with your schedule, you can reply to their request with three new meeting times that do work for you. On the meeting detail page, click ‘Propose a new time’, then select up to 3 new dates and times. Currently, you can only propose meeting times back once, so ensure that those times will work for you. The member will then have another 72 hours to choose a new time and pay for their meeting.

You can ask for more details.

If you want to know more about the member, you can click on the member’s name or profile picture to view his/her profile. Normally members will include their work experiences, short-bio, and area of interests in their profile. They are also required to send you a message with what they are looking to speak about when they request a meeting with you.

You can also message the member directly through the in-app chat. Click on the ‘message’ button on either the meeting listing page or the meeting detail page to send a message to the member. This is a great way to engage with the member before the meeting, and make the most of your meeting time.

You can decline the request.

If you are not comfortable taking the meeting or don’t have the bandwidth at this time, you can turn down a request. Simply click ‘View Details’ – ‘Not Interested’ to decline the request. We suggest that you send a message to the member to let them know why you can’t take the meeting right now. If you are still interested in meeting with the member in the future, you can message the member to let them know or propose meeting times farther into the future.

Where can I see how much I will be paid for a meeting?

When a meeting is confirmed, you will see the tentative amount shown on your balance page on the ‘Pending’ tab, with the Common Genius 15% service fee deducted. You will receive payment within 48 hours after a meeting is completed.

The actual payout may differ from the amount you see as pending, as the member will be charged by the actual length of the meeting. If the meeting goes longer than expected, you will receive a payment commensurate with the number of minutes the meeting went over at your rate (+/- 3 minute grace period), whereas if the meeting goes shorter, you will receive slightly less and the member will be refunded that number of minutes. You will receive a final receipt for each meeting via email, or you can find it under – ‘My Appointments’ – ‘Completed’.

How do I get paid?

Stripe is utilized for all payments.

You can transfer any completed payments to your Stripe account. Click – ‘Withdraw’, select a Stripe account, or enter a new one in order to transfer the money to your Stripe account.

If you don’t have a Stripe account, click ‘Withdraw’ first, then click ‘Add a new account’ on the new page, and enter your email address. You will then receive an email from Stripe that will take you to the full sign-up process.

Follow the Stripe sign up process carefully, and when you finish, remember to verify your email address with Stripe. This verification process is critical. You will not be able to withdraw money from your Stripe Account until you’ve confirmed your email address.

You will have to transfer the money from Stripe to your bank account.

All payments are made in U.S. dollars and currencies converted at current exchange rates.

How do I see my transaction history?

In order to see your transaction history, go to the balance page and select, ‘My Balance’ from the navigation bar.

How do I donate my proceeds, or a percentage of my proceeds, to charity?

CommonGenius was founded to make easy for experts and executives to help others grow and thrive. As an integral part of our DNA, we are committed to supporting a range of philanthropic causes and social entrepreneurs around the world, particularly those that enable people to be empowered, lifted out of poverty, and cured from disease. We want people to live their fullest lives and achieve their highest potential.

We know that you care about social impact as well, which is why we allow you to feature causes you care about on your profile, and to donate either a percentage or all of your fee to a charity should you so choose.

In the future, experts will be able to automatically link an NGO to their profile. Until this feature is available,email us at info@commongenius.com with the name of the charity of your choice, a link to their website, and the percentage you wish to donate. We will take care of it!

Are the calls off the record and private?

Calls may be temporarily monitored for quality assurance purposes and to ensure that community regulations are upheld.

However, all conversations are kept completely confidential and will not be shared with anyone except you and CommonGenius. 

Can I offer free calls?

We currently do not allow prices below a certain value in order to protect your time; however, we encourage all experts who are interested in engaging philanthropically through the community to donate their earnings to their favorite charity. If you are interested in setting this up, please email us at info@commongenius.com. In the future, we will work with social entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders to access discounted prices on the platform with your opt in.

How much should I charge for my consulting services?

Expert prices vary across the platform. We recommend that you start with a lower price in order to build up your reviews, then amp up later. We suggest a rate of between $1 and $3 per minute to start. Remember, it is an online meeting so there’s no travel time or other mishigash that you would normally have to deal with. You can change your price at any point.

What is the CommonGenius Service Fee?

CommonGenius has a current flat service fee of 15%*  for every meeting completed; however, we anticipate instituting lower tiers in the near future based upon expert volume. We don’t charge you anything to be on the platform, we operate solely on a commission basis.

We automatically deduct our fee from the total meeting cost. This service fee enables us to provide a world-class operation and provide experts and members a turn-key solution.

*All pricing is subject to change.

How do I get email notifications about upcoming meetings?

All notifications will be sent to the email address used when you signed up for CommonGenius.

If you're not getting email notifications, it's possible that they have been marked as spam and sent to your spam or junk folders. First double check your spam or junk folder, and be sure to remove us from your spam list. If you are still not receiving email notifications, it may just be a small spelling error in your email address. Email us at info@commongenius.com to let us know so we can double check your email address and correct any mistakes.

How do I become a featured expert?

Featured experts are chosen based upon their level of experience, social media presence, and participation in our community such as coming to our events and taking the time to complete surveys. For more information or to be considered, please email us at info@commongenius.com.

I'm interested in hosting a webinar or writing a blog- who do I talk to?

We invite experts to regularly hold webinars and write for our blog. To express interest, please email samantha@commongenius.com with a pitch on what you would be interested in focusing on.

How do I promote my profile?

Start by listing your Social Media Accounts (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and etc) and announcing to your networks the new services you are offering on CommonGenius. You can also create a Google Business, a Facebook Business, and a Yelp Business Page, which will help drive traffic to you. Not sure how? Contact info@commongenius.com. When you comment on people's blog posts or social media posts pertaining to areas of your expertise, include a link to your CG profile. 

What does a user Membership mean for me?

Memberships (Gold or Platinum Memberships) allow our Experts to have seamless, ongoing meetings with clients. You still get paid at your full rate! We want you to get *even* more bookings, long term connections and latent opportunities for you and your businesses. Providing your clients with the opportunity to subscribe as a member allows you the chance to dramatically increase your daily, weekly, and monthly bookings for a much larger return.

For more information about memberships, click here.

What if the customer wants to exceed the 20 min meeting?

Your clients now have the financial flexibility to book you without having to pay large rates. If meetings exceed 20 minutes for your clients, they will automatically be billed at your hourly rate, which is an extra cost outside of their Gold or Platinum Membership.

CommonGenius Support

If you are unable to find the answer you need feel free to reach our support team. Happy Learning!