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CommonGenius SXSW 2019 Round-Up : Expert Parties

Celebrating our 'common genius' at SXSW 2019

Run down of our exclusive expert party

Last year, when Amber and I sat down to start ideating on what we wanted our expert community to look-like and to feel-like, we knew that we wanted to create something special. We wanted CommonGenius to not just be a platform where experts could earn more income but to grow into a community of people passionate about sharing their knowledge and building amazing experiences together.

At South by Southwest this year, we truly saw the embodiment of this vision spring-forward (also a little Day-Light Savings pun for you). We started the day with a small brunch event at Upstairs at Carolines with experts and panelists. We remained there for the larger expert party into the early evening. Drinks were had, memories were made, and new relationships were established.

I can’t tell you how many people have followed-up with us mentioning that this was their favorite event of the whole conference. Not sales-y, not overcrowded–just good people, and good times.

As we continue to build our new community and re-think what it means to be an expert in the 21st century knowledge economy, I believe that days like this, spent in the sun amongst friends, old and new, are important for realizing how much we’ve been able to accomplish and building the foundations for what comes next. 

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Scott Graham

Mr. Graham is an expert in product development, growth marketing, and business strategy with past experiences as a successful entrepreneur, management consultant, and private equity portfolio marketer. He has spent the past several years developing and teaching growth marketing methodologies that integrate his deep knowledge in technology, cognitive behavior, and data analysis. His reputation for incubating new businesses and delivering innovative product advances has elevated him as a leader in the field. He is an author and frequent seminar lecturer...

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