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Branding for your Business Growth

While networking earlier this year, I met one of my favorite type of business owners- the type that is great at what they do, busy working their business, dedicated to quality, and believe that connecting with customers is key to getting and keeping business! I love this type of entrepreneur because they are truly running a business- not just “playing” business. As a marketing and business strategist this means that if she was to make the investment in my services, she would be steadfast in working to make sure she got the most out of the strategies I lay out for her.

After a great chat about our businesses, we exchanged business cards. After the event, I went online and checked her out. This is when I found out she was actually my number one favorite type of business owner!

She had all the right pieces in place; she had a website, she had social media profiles, and she was on Yelp! There was one major thing that was lacking, however – brand consistency. The business card she had given me was blue and green. Her website was white, black and blue. Her sign out front her business was black and blue and had an image that didn’t match any other pieces of her marketing materials. Everything was fragmented! It was clear she had no idea what her brand style was and, in turn, I would bet current and potential clients also had no idea what her brand was.

What Is Brand?

To me, brand is the soul of the business. It is everything from the way you speak to your clients to the way you paint your office. It is your logo and the type of systems you put in place in your company. It is in the promise you make to your customers and in the name you give to those that work with you (e.g. employee, team member, staff). It creates congruence in your marketing and business strategies. Without it there is a disconnect and your clients, your team and the general public may subconsciously get confused, resulting loss of credibility and possibly causing them to move on without giving it a second thought.

Why is brand so important?

It has been proven that we buy based on emotions and that is why brands and brand experiences have become a central component of a business’ strategy. With the dawn of social media, consumers and businesses interact more on an experiential level. Businesses are expected to be posting, commenting, responding to followers in real time. In order to execute this, anyone who is representing the brand must be clear on how to “act as the brand.” And that is one of the key reasons that brand is important.

At MeetGeraldine, we think this is so important that we have made it a requirement to go through our brand development process before any other service with us. I have created a simple and systematic way to define and develop company’s brand. I help them to tell their story, expand on the brand experience, define the Target Audience, create milestones for the brand’s future, and to define the brand personality. I ask all clients, “If your brand were a person and it were to walk in the door right now, what would they be like?”

Feeling a bit unsure about your brand or hiring a marketing consulting firm, then book an hour meeting with me so we can go over what you need for your company. We can outline your brand, I always recommend companies to customize a Brand Report, and share with everyone that is representing their brand. The value of this exercise is immense as it ultimately saves time and money in attempting to explain and re-explain what your brand is all about.

If you are interested in another opportunity to learn how to brand your business, sign up for the fun and interactive workshop I am facilitating on January 23rd, 2018. You will walk away with a clear picture of what you need to do to get the first step to business success complete!

Lauren Messmer

From a very young age, I connected with entrepreneurship and business operations. Watching my parents open and run a successful food distribution company out of an office that was adjacent to our home; It is only natural that I eventually went into business for myself helping other businesses to create well-organized and thriving businesses.