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CommonGenius’ knowledge marketplace boasts thousands of consultants, trainers, and mentors with more than 5000 unique specialities, from financial accounting to nuclear physics. Our users make better decisions and meet the right people to accelerate their careers, businesses, and lifestyle ambitions — making truly premium contact and mentorship accessible.


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CommonGenius empowers subject-matter experts around the world to share and monetize their passions and experience by consulting virtually.

Celebrate Diversity
Diversity brings creativity, innovation, and groundbreaking solutions Expertise extends from a diversity in background, skill set, country of origin are pivotal to expertise.
Curiosity is Queen
Learning has no bounds; going through one open door opens a million new ones. Stretching your brain stretches not only your world of possibility, but the whole world’s.
Champion the Community

Care for the success of our customers and experts. Encourage our community to be a sounding board for one another, and for us. 
Treat everyone like they are a guest in your own home.

The Obstacle is the Way
Focus your efforts on what advances the mission and will lead to the strongest impact. Strive for perfection, settle for excellence. Be bold, resourceful and immensely creative.
Question what you know
Move quickly while thinking deeply – a paradox, we know. A failure is a success when it leads to learning. Listen, communicate freely and then set clear expectations.

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Amber Hu

Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer, CommonGenius


As a leader at Facebook, I was lucky enough to have a brilliant, caring mentor when most others at the company did not.

Through experience and expertise, he taught me the skills necessary to succeed and provided me with the personal real-world feedback that you can’t just learn from a textbook, Google search or even while earning an advanced degree.

My mentor also understood my individual situation and where I was coming from–for me, this one on one mentoring was critical. It was through his counsel and support that I made the move into something I had never thought possible – becoming a young female entrepreneur and CEO.


Soon I asked myself, why was this opportunity left to complete chance or reserved for the most privileged? Doesn’t everyone deserve to have the access to the people and knowledge they need to be successful?


That gave me an idea: I would create a community where people like me could gain access to experts like him. It would be a place where those looking to grow in their careers or make a move could save precious time and stress by getting personalized advice early and that’s how CommonGenius came to be.

Essential exchange for the knowledge community

We’ve been there too. Maybe you don’t have the right people to reach out to, or a serious budget to hire an expensive consulting firm. Maybe you just don’t have good leadership on your team–the kind of leadership or co-workers who can really help you with personalized guidance or true mentorship. CommonGenius makes the very best expert advice, accessible.

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