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Lindsay Bosch

Creative Producer, Project Manager, Expert Consultant, Former Googler

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Ryan Holiday

Best Selling Author of Growth Hacker Marketing, The Obstacle is the Way, Austin, TX

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Alex Lieberman

CEO of The Morning Brew, New York City

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Whether you’re tackling a problem on the job, acquiring a new skill, or looking to make a change, our experts have been in your shoes and are ready to help you navigate the pitfalls to your success.

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Success Stories

Jenn Anderson

I met with Leslie Heizler after I was promoted into a role developing and managing a sales team for a luxury brand product. My new role was one I was very excited to be appointed to, but I also had a lot of self-doubt at the time...

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Mo Kabir

I had read Nir’s (Eyal) book prior to meeting with him (Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products). Getting to actually sit with him in person and ask questions about where he got his ideas and get his theories on app development was an amazing experience for me. At the time...

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I have no clue where they find these people but my meeting was worth every penny. I got more value out of a 40 minute call with a true expert than I did my first year in grad school!

- Kassandra Cruciano
CommonGenius Member